2018 season – 1:8 Offroad Croatian National Championship

v-maX will be the organizer for all 1:8 Offroad RC Croatian National Championship races in Croatia for 2018 season. There will be a total of 5 races, 4 races on our v-maX track and 1 special race as a part of Zagreb Auto Show that will be driven inside Zagreb Auto Show complex.

18.03.2018 – 1’st race, v-maX track
15.04.2018 – Zagreb Auto Show special race
13.05.2018 – 2’nd race, v-maX track
03.06.2018 – 3’rd race, v-maX track
23.09.2018 – 4’th race, v-maX track

Data for all races:
Organizer: AMK v-maX www.v-max.hr
Classes: 1:8 Buggy Electric & Nitro
Racing fee: 50kn (about 7€) / class
Track: low grip (soil, small gravel, fine dirt)
Direction: clockwise

Race registration: Over our facebook page
Please click “Going” button on the event page and in the Discussion page post the class you plan to race (electric, nitro, electric + nitro) and if you plan to practice on Saturday.

Time schedule:
Saturday: free practice (check with us for time measuring equipment availability)
Sunday: 9:00 Registrations & free practice, 10:00 Qualifications, 12:00 Main races

Time schedule:
Saturday: free practice (check with us for time measuring equipment availability)
Sunday: 9:00 Registrations & free practice, 10:00 Qualifications, 12:00 Main races

IS IT OVER? Yeah we have an new/old European Champion!

So the EFRA 1:8 Electric European Championship is over!

1. David Ronnefalk (SWE)
2. Davide Ongaro (ITA)
3. Alex Zanchettin (ITA)

Check the race results and full race data.

The Sunday finals were unexpectedly boring especially considering the drama on Friday and Saturday. As promised We the organizers did our best on Sunday and no matter the heavy rain the night before we brought the track in acceptable condition.

First place after a dominating drive in first 2 rounds was taken by David Ronnefalk (SWE).  The second place goes to Davide Ongaro (ITA) who didn’t have the speed to threaten Ronnefalk but was clearly faster than the rest of the pack. The 3’rd place goes to Alex Zanchettin (ITA) after a thrilling fight with Martin Wollanka. After the first 2 runs they were tied in points but in the last run Alex finished in front of Martin and by doing so secured the third place.

Thank to all drivers and their team for coming and competing. Also a bit thanks to RC Racing TV for live coverage (PS. when coming next time do not bring the rain with you ). And the largest thanks to all our staff, friends and family who helped us to run this event no mater the terrible weather, we couldn’t do it without you!

BAD WEATHER, organization mistakes, qualifying drama

First I would like to apologize to all drivers in name of organizers for any organization mistakes we may have made today. We are aware of the mistakes and will do better tomorrow, but we are not responsible for the bad weather and resulting driving conditions.

Tomorrow we will start working on the track much earlier and we prepared a big supply of sawdust. Unfortunately even with sawdust if the rain persists you will have to su** it up and deal with the muddy conditions.

Guys it’s the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIP and not a club race so why are you afraid to get your car dirty? Honestly the whole Croatian team was shocked when we noticed that the top drivers decided not to run, even more because almost all lower ranked drivers decided to drive no matter the muddy conditions!

For the unaware, the provisional washing facility was behind the tent the whole time! The drivers that noticed it got their cars rinsed in 5 min! Lot of guys washed the cars with electrics still on the car and as far I know nobody had any problems.

If you have any questions or need help please don’t be shy and ask anybody from the Croatian team. We all speak fluent English and will try our best to help you out.

Btw. check my car that ran in group 3. I got it clean in 30 min with rinsing. Don’t be a drama queen 😛


First day is over. Unfortunately rain has shortened the planed practice runs but it also enabled us to fix the track and even strengthen the surface (no watering).

We are now *HARD* at work to prepare the track for tomorrow qualifying runs.

For results check the myrcm page.


Track is all prepared and we are just putting finishing touches on the accompanied facilities for the 2017 EFRA 1:8 Offroad Electric European Championship. First drivers are already in and are checking out the track.