IS IT OVER? Yeah we have an new/old European Champion!

So the EFRA 1:8 Electric European Championship is over!

1. David Ronnefalk (SWE)
2. Davide Ongaro (ITA)
3. Alex Zanchettin (ITA)

Check the race results and full race data.

The Sunday finals were unexpectedly boring especially considering the drama on Friday and Saturday. As promised We the organizers did our best on Sunday and no matter the heavy rain the night before we brought the track in acceptable condition.

First place after a dominating drive in first 2 rounds was taken by David Ronnefalk (SWE).  The second place goes to Davide Ongaro (ITA) who didn’t have the speed to threaten Ronnefalk but was clearly faster than the rest of the pack. The 3’rd place goes to Alex Zanchettin (ITA) after a thrilling fight with Martin Wollanka. After the first 2 runs they were tied in points but in the last run Alex finished in front of Martin and by doing so secured the third place.

Thank to all drivers and their team for coming and competing. Also a bit thanks to RC Racing TV for live coverage (PS. when coming next time do not bring the rain with you ). And the largest thanks to all our staff, friends and family who helped us to run this event no mater the terrible weather, we couldn’t do it without you!