2019 season – 1:8 Offroad Croatian National Championship

v-maX will be the organizer for all 1:8 Offroad RC Croatian National Championship races in Croatia for 2019 season. There will be a total of 4 races all on our v-maX track.

14.04.2019 – 1’st race
23.06.2019 – 2’nd race
08.09.2019 – 3’rd race
27.10.2019 – 4’th race

Data for all races:
Organizer: AMK v-maX www.v-max.hr
Classes: 1:8 Buggy Electric & Nitro
Racing fee: 50kn (about 7€) / class
Track: low grip (soil, small gravel, fine dirt)
Direction: clockwise

Race registration: Over our facebook page
Please click “Going” button on the event page and in the Discussion page post the class you plan to race (electric, nitro, electric + nitro) and if you plan to practice on Saturday.

Time schedule:
Saturday: free practice (check with us for time measuring equipment availability)
Sunday: 9:00 Registrations & free practice, 10:00 Qualifications, 12:00 Main races