To visitors of 2017 EFRA IR Warmup and EC races we recommend booking one of numerous objects in Velika Gorica. If you arrive by plane we recommend taking a taxi (3 min drive) or renting a car on the airport.

    1. Staying in Velika Gorica
      We recommend booking one of many hotels / guest houses / rooms / apartments or holiday houses in Velika Gorica. Most objects are less than 1 km from our track / Zagreb airport.
      You can check the full list on Velika Gorica Accomodation page or alternately
    2. Staying in Zagreb
      Capital and the largest city of Croatia. Great for sightseeing but take note that during rush hours it can take up to 1h to arrive at our track.
    3. Camping
      Limited camping space/facilities are available inside out track’s premises / alternately on the adjacent external parking lot. Campers HAVE TO contact us in advance regarding camping space availability!