Track is all prepared and we are just putting finishing touches on the accompanied facilities for the 2017 EFRA 1:8 Offroad Electric European Championship. First drivers are already in and are checking out the track.

EFRA 40+ EC – important message from the organizer

Dear EFRA friends, all 1:8 drivers, participants at 40+ EC !!!

We heard some concerning opinions about the track in Velika Gorica as well as statements that we are not in line with the EFRA requirements.

WELL, of course we are not at this moment, because we still have a lot of work to do.

Yes, we are aware of the current conditions, and yes, we are going to improve it.

There is 48 days until the EC 40+ starts. Naturally, the track and the accompanying infrastructure around it are still not fully prepared for the European championships competitors.

It would be fulish to get everything done and ready 50 days earlier, and than wait for the grass to grow again!??

So do not worry, there is no need for any pressure from EFRA officials, we know that some things should be done before we start.

As announced earlier, a significant refurbishment of some facilities as well as the track itself has been planned.

Some initial works have already been completed, but the majority is still to follow.

Below are the steps which will be carried out: Continue reading “EFRA 40+ EC – important message from the organizer”