Drivers info EFRA 2017


Dear drivers attending the upcoming 2017 EFRA 1:8 Offroad Electric European Championship please note that the best way to practice on our track is by attending one of the regular races that will be held in 2017. The list of all races scheduled for 2017 can be found on myrcm or our facebook page.

We would like to point out the IR 2017 1:8 Offroad Electric Warmup race that is the official warmup race for the EC.

Alternately you can come and practice any Saturday & Sunday but you must contact us in advance and confirm the schedule! Pay attention to weather forecast and take into account that the track need up to 3 days to dry after heavy rainfall.

For practice sessions outside of regular events we provide pit area under the drivers stand (no permanent tents or driver area), 220V 50Hz AC electric power, air compressor, toilets, on/near track parking.  Food & drinks are available in nearby restaurant (1 min walk) or in one of many Velika Gorica shops (15 min walk). Time measurement equipment available only on request.


2017 EFRA 1:8 Offroad Electric EC

We will provide drivers area under tent with tables and benches, 220V 50Hz AC electric power (please bring your extension cables), air compressor, toilets, food & refreshments at the track. Parking is available at the adjacent parking lot. Limited camping space/facilities available (contact us)!

We use MYLAPS RC3 measuring equipment with RCM Ultimate software. MYLAPS personal transponders are obligatory. Please note that MYLAPS RC4 transponders are not supported! (RC4 Hybrid transponders work OK)